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Japanese Semi Truck Buying Guide

A lot of attention should be paid when buying the Japanese semi truck. Trucks are not general purpose vehicles. Every class of truck is built for a particular purpose and the same applies when it comes to the semi-truck. If you are planning to invest in a truck, you need to know what to look out for so that you can end up with a good deal and find a vehicle that will adequately suit your needs. Here are some useful tips to put into consideration when you are planning to purchase a semi truck for your business:

japanese semi truck

japanese semi truck

The layout and the axles of the truck

Not all trucks were created equal. As a result, deciding on the right kind of truck to purchase will very much depend on what you are planning to use the car for.  For example, the large tandem axle trucks which are fitted with the sleeper cabs are generally perfect for the long distance freight or hauling operations. If you are an owner-operator with dreams of making it big in the long-haul operations, you can invest in the single-axle with shorter cabs. These are not only affordable, but they also offer you the right level of scale to handle more demanding hauling operations.

The Engine

The truck engine is another major factor in the choice of the truck. Actually, it should be your number one priority. The truck that you choose should have the right amount of horsepower and torque to satisfy your hauling needs. If you are hauling small loads, then you will not need as much horsepower as the business is planning to pull massive horsepower over long distances. Check out Ud Trucks

The kind of engine that you select for your Japanese semi truck will also determine the fuel economy that you will get. Some engines are more fuel efficient and deliver better performance and low emissions. The fuel economy varies from one truck to another which is why you should always carry out a good side-by-side comparison in order to determine which of the truck engines is greener or more fuel effective. Apart from the performance stats of the engine, it is also advisable to inspect the engine physically before buying the truck. Before committing your money for the Japanese semi truck, gather as much information as possible in order to ensure that it is what you will be comfortable with.

The Truck Transmission

Most semi trucks on the Australian roads are manuals, but there are also semi-automatic trucks available. Before choosing the kind of truck transmission, ensure that your drivers will be comfortable with it.

The Mileage

This is particularly important when you are buying used trucks. A lot of modern vehicles can hit the top mileage figures such as 500,000 but still remain in excellent condition. When buying your used semi truck, you should always know the truck mileage. It is a pointer to the amount of tear and wear that the truck has undergone. It is also a pointer to the condition which you can expect the drive train, engine and transmission to be in.

Good truck selection will not only save you money but also provide you with some peace of mind. You can find a great selection of dependable semi trucks at UD Trucks, one of the largest Japanese trucks suppliers in Australia. To know more about us, visit

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