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Stay Ahead With Self-inking Stamps

If you are planning to buy self inking rubber stamp for your office, you are well on the right track to saving time and money. While traditional rubber stamps are still used in many offices, self-inking stamps are gaining favor as they offer more advantages than their traditional stamps. Read an article here at


Here are some of the advantages why you should buy self inking rubber stamp as opposed to the traditional version.

Saves time: If you want to do bulk stamping on mail, forms, or any other type of paperwork, a self-inking stamp can perform the job faster than a traditional stamp. With a traditional stamp, you have to use both the inkpad and the stamp at the same time, which takes time.

A self-inking stamp has a built-in inkpad, which means you just do the stamping straight on the paperwork. If you were to take one hour using a traditional stamp, you are likely to take half the time with a self-inking stamp.

Adds charm: One reason to buy self inking rubber stamp is to have it personalized to your taste. It can have your logo, initials, or a piece of artwork engraved in the stamp to add an element of visual appeal to the stamp. Traditional stamps are always plain and contain just the name and address of the person or company.

If you want your paperwork, mail, or forms to look more personalized, then you need to buy self inking rubber stamps. With additional features on your address, it becomes more professional, practical, and personalized.

No need to re-ink: With the built-in inkpad, you can stamp as many letters as you want using a self-inking stamp. From reliable suppliers, you can order self inking stamps for your home office or business. Besides, the inkpad minimizes the mess that is associated with ink in traditional rubber stamps. This leads to quality images and lettering in your documents, which may boost your relationship with the recipient.

They are easy to carry around: Self inking rubber stamps are light in weight and easy to carry around; you can simply slip it into your laptop bag. For example, if you work outside your office quite often, it is advisable to have your stamp around for possible stamping while out in the field.

With a self inking stamp, you just need to carry the stamp box without the need for a separate inkpad. This could be a different situation if you were to use a traditional rubber stamp that must have a separate inkpad to operate. They provide a fitting opportunity for passing confidential information without having to stay in the office.

They are available in a variety of sizes and designs: Once you identify a reliable supplier, you can order self inking rubber stamp in any size or design. This enables you to choose a size that can work best for you. For example, if you want to include additional features in your stamp, you can have your stamp slightly bigger in size.

In addition to your postal or physical address, your stamp may include among others a professional title, business logo, or a piece of artwork that identifies with you or your business. For additional information about self inking stamps in Australia, visit

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