Portfolio Assurance And Management

Project governance or management is very vital for any project to run successfully. It is the framework that supports all the decision making of the management, for making the project operational and efficient. Along with the project governance, Portfolio assurance is also very important.Portfolio assurance is the review and validation of the project or program, after which solutions and frameworks are designed for the successful delivery of the same.

For companies who need assistance and someone with expertise in designing, and implementing best practices, Ross Garland + Associates is the right name. They design and implement best practices and governance frameworks that give profit and confidence to the companies for making investments and correct organizational decisions. Ross Garland + Associates work closely with the management of their clients and provide the frameworks and approaches for managing both their project as well as investments. They have expertise in designing and implementing project governance, assurance frameworks and PMO. They are different as they work creating visibility with their clients and taking control over their ongoing projects. They impart the knowledge and confidence in their clients for taking the correct decision for effective investments and operations.

Moreover, Ross Garland + Associates give consulting services andportfolio management service for the health of the client’s governance structure and company portfolio. They offer frameworks and recommendations that make the clients profitable and their investments are safeguarded. Their programs enable the companies to do effective investment related decision making and as a result it makes the complete project efficient. The frameworks designed are clear and the correct distribution of power, roles and responsibilities is done. The services that Ross Garland + Associates offer can be categorized as:

Project governance

The programs and frameworks designed and implemented by Ross Garland + Associates make the client efficient for investment decision making, with which the company grows. All the critical elements of the project are considered and the governance structure is made incorporating the required recommendations.

Project review

The project review, as well as strategizing the correct course of action for the successful delivery of the project, are very vital. Ross Garland + Associates develop frameworks after understanding the business and the possible risks. They also ensure that all the activities and recommendations are done in the correct way, resulting in the successful delivery of the projects.

Portfolio assurance

Ross Garland + Associates design and implement frameworks for the complete project integrated with their project assurance, resulting in an overall effective decision making. This gives the clients confidence for a successful delivery without any risks and hurdles. For this, training and courses are also offered for the employees of the client.  Moreover the frameworks also give clarity and visibility to all the stakeholders in the governance model, enabling smooth functioning within the organization.

Project Management Office (PMO) and Portfolio, Program and Project Offices (P3Os)

Ross Garland + Associates design and implement pmo project and Portfolio, Program and Project Offices (P3Os) project for their clients. Focusing on the goals and objectives of the client’s organization, the standards are set for project management. These in turn ensure successful delivery of projects focusing on the organizational goals to be achieved. P3O implementations focus on the best practices that need to be incorporated in the portfolio of the client. All the implementations done are also integrated with the organizations’ investment governance structure.

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