Streamline Your Nutraceutical Business Needs With an ERP Solution

The nutraceutical industry is a fairly new field and as a result, there are numerous gaps in the knowledge base in the industry. This new field of heath products and functional foods poses a challenge not just to the businesses trying to break into the new markets or create new market but also to government and regulatory authorities who face a challenge monitoring an industry that lies halfway between foods and pharmaceuticals. Dietary supplements manufacturers are generally accepted to comply with certain manufacturing practices which are specific to the dietary supplement manufacturing industry. There are generally stringent manufacturing standards and regulations that companies in this niche must comply with. In spite of the strict regulation, the field of nutraceuticals is one that is growing rapidly as consumers explore more health options. The demands, as well as the complexities of the nutraceutical industry, mean manufacturers now have to opt for nutraceutical ERP solutions in order to fully optimize their production and distribution processes.

Nutraceutical ERP

Nutraceutical ERP

The nutraceutical ERP chemical manufacturing software solutions generally has all the core industry capabilities and functionalities that you need in order to ensure an efficient production and distribution process including traceability, flexible BOM, powerful inventory management functions, batch process manufacturing features along with robust business management features. If you choose the chemical manufacturing industry ERP software from the right vendor with experience in the nutraceutical industry, you can have an ERP solution that will be sufficient to run the entire business.

The nutraceutical manufacturers can use these automated ERP solutions in order to consistently offer their customers top quality services, accurate order processing, formulation and innovation, nutritional analysis of the nutraceutical products while also ensuring you are meeting your regulatory compliance obligations when you are using this software tool. Applying a nutraceutical ERP solution in your manufacturing processes will guarantee operational consistency in your business along with efficient utilization of your resources. You can have an in-depth visibility of the chemical and business processes involved in the nutraceutical processing by bringing all information onto a single front.

These ERP chemical software solutions can also serve a wide segment of the nutraceutical industry including the dietary supplements market niche, natural foods, organic foods, functional foods and sports drinks. Other industry niches covered include vitamins, natural cosmetics industry, cereals, soups and the herbal remedies industry. Check out Process Pro Erp

An ideal chemical ERP software solution should include the following functionalities:

Formula Management System: This should have features such an instant nutritional analysis, instructions for manufacturing, wastes, co-products and by-products. There should be the incorporation of enhanced security features along with real-time formula sizing.

Quality Control: The nutraceutical industry grapples with lots of quality control issues and how to enforce credible and reliable standards. Quality control should, therefore, be enforced in  the ERP solution in order to eliminate the slightest of slip-ups and ensure conformance with expected results.

Robust Product Development Functionality:  The nutraceutical industry is one that is still experiencing lots of growth and innovation so R&D should be an important component of a nutraceutical ERP solution with powerful and reliable computerized formulation and interactive analysis of product properties that are developed and manufactured.  Other useful features include the following:

  • A reliable lot and tracking solution
  • Batch sizing and scaling that is highly effective
  • Compliance features: the ERP solution must have the ability to satisfy all compliance requirements
  • Extensive multi-phase accounting features

A good nutraceutical solution will streamline your processes and give your business a significant edge over your competitors. Ensure it has also the requisite features to deliver on your needs and requirements. Visit