Lifting with Ease

In a ware house, or on the factory floor, there will be the need to use overhead cranes. There is a variety of lifting equipments that can be used. In a busy working area where space is at a premium, it might be a good idea to use a bridge crane. This can be fixed securely above any work space. A hoist then moves across this space and can be controlled very accurately.

overhead cranes

These can be either single or double girder cranes. Once set up, these can operate efficiently, safely and with a high degree of maneuverability. A bridge crane can take anything between one to twenty tonnes in weight.

There are other forms of overhead cranes that can be considered. There are many kinds of gantry cranes. These are set up using a steel frame work or gantry. Looking specifically at the light capacity track cranes. These can be easily assembled over a production line, where items need to be moved quickly and safely to different areas. Another obvious use of gantry cranes would be in the warehouse. These allow items to be moved through a large space, quickly and safely. Given that this is a free standing structure, it can be modified and changed according to any alterations in working procedures.

But again, if there is a lot of movement in a working area, it may be better to use two other variations of these overhead cranes. These are a cantilevered track crane and a ceiling supported track crane. The cantilevered track crane can be set against a wall using cross beams and posts. This frees up an area for fork lift trucks etc. The ceiling supported track crane use “droppers” fixed to the ceiling. These can be used in a very large internal space.

This particular set of overhead cranes all use a very precise hoist system. They are light weight cranes that can lift weights from 45Kg to 1000 Kg.

Anothr type of overhead crane is the jib crane. This is a localized crane and therefore it can be thought of as workstation crane. This can lift loads of up to 5000Kg and can have a slewing radius of 8 metres.

The jib crane can also be used along with vacuum lifting systems. Theventuri vacuum pump is a very versatile piece of technology. A vacuum lifting system can be applied to a whole range of different situations. Very heavy loads can be lifted and moved. Very little physical effort is required. Ergonomic considerations are fully taken account of. So that the equipment is very easy to use. Items can be moved around around a full 360 degree radius. This adds greater to increased efficiency and a marked reduction to any safety risks. So the venturi vacuum system is certainly something worth considering.

A vacuum gripping system can easily be incorporated within any manufacturing system. This can be used along with a specific vacuum generator. Objects can be moved and placed accurately on an assembly line.

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